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Redesigning the business of Mining!!

About Mining 360 Services

With our dynamic and qualified mining professionals, geological
and hydro-geological services, and exploration of mines, we
offer you the best solutions in mining.
As a leading Mining Consulting and Training firm since 2014,
Mining 360 Services assists Clients in leveraging their Mining
Businesses by offering quality consulting services and training
using best practices and procedures.

About the Mining 360 Services

Environmental Services:

In this, our company provides clearance  of environment and compliance, environmental audits, conservation plan, and biological studies and report
preparation and feasibility study to obtain consent to establish statutorily reply to RSPCB, MoEF, CGWA, etc.

Mining And Survey Services:

It includes the mining plan and final mine closure plan, technical work right from application for PL/ML to its grant, and application for surrender of the mining area.

Geological And Hydrogeological Services:

It comprises geological and structural mapping, as well as all types of geotechnical studies and reports, Hydrological Research, Exploration of New Mineral Prospective Areas, geological inputs for mineral-based industries, and all geological
investigations like ore categorization,
structural mapping.

Laboratory Services:

Mineral, soil, metallic element, wastewater sample analysis, stack monitoring, mercury analysis, and periodical monitoring of environmental
factors are all done at the laboratory.

Risk Assessment Consultancy:

Risk assessment consultancy services
include mine safety evaluation and
disaster management plan.

Introduction to Director

The company’s Managing Director, Mr. Deepak Gaur, holds a degree from
MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur, and has been in the mining industry
for more than 16 years.
Mr. Deepak worked for Dassault Systems for more than two years in
Australia as a Knowledge Consultant and delivered many courses on
Mine Planning Software throughout Australia before starting Mining 360.
The Australian Institute of Management, Floreat, Western Australia, has
also awarded Mr. Deepak a certificate of ‘Train the Trainer’. Moreover, he
is an expert in using Mine Planning Software. Over the years, he has prepared more than 75 Mining Plans/ Scheme of Mining for Mining Leases associated with major mineral.

Why choose Mining 360 Services for effective mining consultations?

For affordable and quality services Mining 360 Services is the right place.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • National and international experience, as well as a thorough
  • understanding of the legal framework.
  • Mine planning and operation expertise.
  • Survey of surface and topography with drones to generate 3-D data.
  • Designing scientific and long-term open-pit mines that include a risk management strategy.
  • Understanding the Legislative Environment for an Open Cast Mine.
  • Trained in one of the most recent technologies (Geovia SURPAC).
  • Providing customized site-specific solutions for efficient mining operations.
  • volume estimation in mine pit excavations, mineral stockpiles, and trash dumps.
  • Customized one-on-one planning software training.

We have helped across industries

Based on our core values, we are devoted to ethics, integrity, hard work, efficiency, and timeliness with highly focused minds.

Here is what our clients say about us?


We have plenty of information for individuals looking for entry-level mining companies and businesses. We will assist you to scale up your mining business with our expertise and services
We provide a wide range of mining services, including environmental clearance, geological and structural mapping, and laboratory analysis of gathered materials.
We conduct surveys using drones, which provide 3-D images of the site as well as a detailed understanding of mineral and metal reserves.
Before mining, each company requires a site with a large volume of deposits for excavation. This necessitates a mapping study of the data on the site, as well as government clearances to begin excavations. In addition, planned safety measurements are required. We provide all of these services to assist you in beginning any excavation.
GEOVIA Surpac is the most widely used geology and mining planning program in the world. Easy-to-use, powerful 3D visuals and workflow automation that can be linked to company-specific procedures and data flows help the program achieve efficiency and accuracy. Its multilingual features enable multinational corporations to use a single solution across all of their activities

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